Why custom software?

Custom software serves the unique processes of your business, solves your specific problems, satisfies your exclusive needs and makes your workflows easier, faster, and more efficient. Moreover, you get:

Increased flexibility
Minimized information security risks
Tailored support & maintenance

Custom Software we develop :

Web applications

Custom applications that perfectly work across all popular browsers and deliver immaculate UX with a clear logical layout and mobile adaptation.

Enterprise systems
Web portals (B2B or B2C)
Industry specific solutions

Mobile applications

Native (for iOS, Android, Windows) or cross-platform (on Cordova, Xamarin, React Native) custom mobile applications to compliment your web application or created as a separate solution with their own back end (.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js). They can be as advanced as complex enterprise management solutions and applications with built-in AI.

Desktop applications

OS-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) or cross-platform custom applications for offline work with total control over data security, increased efficiency and performance.

Big data applications

Custom tools built specifically to provide the deepest insights on meaningful components of your business based on the results of high-volume data processing.

Process control and optimization (e.g. traffic management, stock management, etc.)
Predictive equipment maintenance
Customer segmentation
Patient health state monitoring

Real-time applications

Custom applications that exploit the latest technologies to process real-time data and provide response upon the processed results within a strictly defined interval.

1)   Sensor data monitoring (equipment condition monitoring, environmental monitoring,       automatic vehicle tracking, etc.)
2)   Stream processing for IoT
3)   Advertisements and recommendations engines
4)   Fraud and spam detection


We deliver exactly as much as you want:

Technology consulting

We are ready to deliver professional advice on the right technologies and architectural decision for your future application, as well as provide its scalability roadmap and consult on how to achieve the required level of data protection.

Development from scratch

We provide comprehensive all-round development from the in-depth analysis of your business to user training and support. We can either create a requirements specification at the initial stage in case of traditional linear approach or continuously adapt to changing requirements in case of Agile development.

Development based on a requirements specification

You share your precise preferences and we do the rest to turn your vision into a real ready-to-go solution.

Legacy software modernization

We upgrade your existing software, enhance its architecture, smoothly integrate new and old solutions and provide safe data migration.

Regardless the cooperation model you choose, four steadfast fundamentals are always of paramount importance to us:

/- Flawless UX – we ensure easy adoption, unique branded design, optimal functionality and a clear intuitive interface to satisfy users and make a new application their favorite tool.
/- Seamless integration – we ensure that a new application harmoniously interacts with your existing solutions.
/- Total information security – we ensure special attention to all security concerns at every stage of application development.
/- Sound support & maintenance – we ensure ongoing after-launch enhancement so that your new application can long stay viable and uphold its high relevance in the context of both ever-changing business environment and constantly evolving new trends and technologies in the IT world.


We design architecture that perfectly responds to the goals of your business.

/- Traditional architecture – providing a 3-tier (frontend – backend – database) construction as an excellent way to quickly deploy a mid-sized application.
/- Microservices architecture – splitting an application, to the required degree, into several independent units based on business functions, allowing for continuous deployment, increased performance, partial updates without a complete stop, and a mix of multiple technologies and languages.
/- Reactive architecture – creating resilient and flexible applications that elegantly handle ‘live’ data, high load, and multi-userness and bring impeccable UX with its high responsiveness on top.


We believe in the perfect combination of the latest and classic trusted technologies and have the following technology stack as our basis:

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, etc.)
Back end: .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js
Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

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